Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just-in time!

Okay, this crazy crazy week is getting nice turns. First of all, the exams are over! How awesome! I don't know the results yet though. Social psychology was quite hard:( But hey, let's hope for the best!
Yesterday after the exam Elise and i went to food shop and came to my place. We had lunch and we just talked and joked around. We watched Chasing liberty and then we decided to make a video. It was sooo fun!:D Later yesterday night we made on more video..but it didnt came out so cool coz we rushed and we were kinda tired:P
Last night we had like crazy fun fun. Seriously everything made us laugh.
Today has been pretty busy. We did preparations for my bday party :) It's 14:14 right now(ps make a wish!). The guests will come 16:00. So, we have a bit time..
I hope it's gonna be fun party :D :D

Im off to color my toe nails.LOL.

peace out ;)

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