Saturday, April 24, 2010


Im having a really busy weekend. Actually it's not SO busy as i first thought. I have to write two essays and study for two exams. By now(it's Saturday, 4pm) im done with two essays. But i don't have a mood to study for math exam yet. I really don't know how im gonna study for that.I'll probs just revise and look old exercises. It can't be very tough i hope.
It's still spring(surprise-surprise). My sis is back at home. She arrived yersterday! So great!
I've been busy with university and just hunging out with my friends. All days have been a blast!
Im so excited for 7th May coz im gonna see The Last Song then. FINALLLLLY! Im so tired of waiting..and so anxious to see it! I know it's gonna be my very fav movie!
Btw, yesterday i watched ABC Family new movie with Hilary Duff, it's called Beauty and The Briefcase. It was very cute and funny!:) Romantic comedy :D
Yesterday i got to talk to my besty Elisa which made me so happy! I hope i'll see her on msn today too.

I found some really epic pix on the net yesterday. Lets say these are describing my current mood.

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