Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello December!

Can't believe it's December already. Holiday season! My favorite!
I've been so busy lately. And now exams are coming up:/ I seriously can't wait till they are over and holiday starts. I want to rest and do nothing. Just relax and have fun with my family and bf.
Today i finished creating a big project. I'm glad with the outcome. On Friday i'll present it to my course mates. But before that, on Thursday i'm going to make math exam; next Monday will be Estonian exam; and on Wednesday one another exam. After that it gets better. So, basically i must survive next 2 weeks.
On Friday i plan going to Christmas shopping! There's so much i need to buy:P

Even though i have been busy with university, I've have a lot of fun too. With my bf and my friends. Another day me and my bf went ice-skating. It was so fun! :)

And on Wednesday me and my friends celebrated Liis' birthday! First we were at her place and later went out clubbing. =)

Today i've been studying whole day. Not really studying, but doing uni homeassignments. They were actually all very interesting and fun, nothing hard or boring. Thank God for that! Haven't had that easy Saturday for a long time!
Tomorrow morning my grandparents' will come over. We'll have a little family breakfast or early lunch. We'll celebrate mom and dad's 24th anniversary!

Okay. I'm going to watch Hellcats and then Gossip Girl :)

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