Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my life.

The title this post entry isn't because of the fact that i am going to write here about my life. But it's because of who is my LIFE. Johannes. He's my everything. And i cannot be happier. Everything is just so great if i know he's in my life, always with me. Love is such a powerful thing.

Last week and weekend were so sweet. On Thursday we had a dinner at Chopstick and later watched by seaside and watched sunset. It was so beautiful. On Friday J had to work. Later i went to pick him up and we went to my friend's birthday. On Saturday we spent the day in Tallinn. We went to the movies and had a dinner at Mandarin's. On Sunday we did some work in the garden, had a little BBQ and just spent time together! On Monday J went to work again. I went to the railway station when he came back, went to the food shop and walked home. It was so good to walk with him and just to know that he's with me!:) At home we ate and watched a movie (Knocked Up). And yesterday early morning we went to Tallinn. J had to go to Finland. But luckily he's coming back tonight! I cannot wait to see my Prince again!!!
Things are so good. Sometimes it's scary. There's a saying that if things are very bad you can be glad that they can't go any worse. But what if things are very good, the best.. does it means it can't go any better? Only worse? I don't want anything to change. Not forward any bad situations. But i know that no matter what we can always sort things out and there's always sun in our life!

Okay, things are good. But to be honest right now i don't feel the best. It's not because of J. But because of university. I am overloaded with deadlines and million home assignments and upcoming exams which are super hard btw. :/ I seriously need to rest. And i cannot wait till next week's Elus loodus exam is over. I study and study and study, but i still don't remember anything :( Sad.
But i know that it's over soon. I just gotta be strong and motivated. I can rest and feel great once when it's over! I am totally looking forward to it!!!!! You have NO idea!

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