Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Missing you!

So hard again! J left back to Finland yesterday. And i am so extremely sad again! It's really hard to be away from someone you love. I envy these couples who can see each other and be together every day! I really value it! And i dream of that life. I keep dreaming that one day it's possible for me and J too. That we go to bed together at night and wake up next to each other EVERY morning! This is my biggest ridream! And i do everything for it to be come true! I have realized lately that no job or no other thing is more important than love. My life for J is the biggest and he's always in the first place in my life!

J bought me an amazing book few days ago. It's called If You Could See Me Now. It's written by Cecelia Ahern - my very favorite bookwriter! All her books are so amazing. Few weeks ago J bought me The Gift (also written by Cecelia Ahern). I have her other books too and today i visited her website and saw that her new book is coming out on 1st December! It's called The Time Of Our Lives. I can't wait to read it. I have all her books right now, except two books of short stories. I hope to get these too. But i guess i must order these because i haven't seen them at our bookshops.

Well, i just colored my finger nails and what i noticed - my nail polish bottle is almost empty. Few years ago i had so many nail polishes and they never ended. Usually they just got old. But recently i have only few favorites that i use a lot and now i see one of my fav purple nail polishes is ending! Wow! It's the first time my nail polish bottle gets empty before it gets old.

Oeh. I am waiting for J to come to skype... wait..there he is :) Yaya! I better go and talk to him now!

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