Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 yr + 4 m

I can't believe its 13th December already. I remember that day a year ago. Then Jay and I celebrated our 4 months anniversary. Now it's one year and 4 months! Time flies. I must say that this year was so amazing. Every second with Jay is so amazing. He's so caring and sweet. He makes me happy!!!!
We went to Sweden on Saturday. The ship cruise was really fun, but i especially loved walking on Stockholm streets while holding hands with my love. The weather was so nice and there were so many Christmas fairs on the streets. We took a lot of photos too. We didn't buy much. BUT i got a Christmas gift from Jay! I know it's not Christmas yet, but it seems to become our tradition that Jay gaves me a Christmas gift before Christmas (he did that last year too!). He's not very fond of Christmas. But i really hope it'll change by time because i really love Christmas. It's my favorite season and i love celebration it. I like to decorate my home, buy cute Christmas gifts and just enjoy the peacful snowy time with the ones i love! And Jay is definitely the most important to me!
Well, so, what did i get from him for Christmas? I got a veryyyy beautiful gold ring and gold earrings that are perfect match for the ring! I love them <3 He actually let me pick them up to be sure i like them! :) So happy to have such a beautiful jewellery. And i am glad i got them from him coz they are now more meaningful to me!
So, what else. I am trying to study for geography test that's tomorrow while Jay is playing his computer games. He's really addicted to computer games! But i hope we'll have time for me today too since it's our special day. We actually got a new kitchen table and i really hope he can set it up today!
Another thing, i got a call from RAM school on Sunday. They wanted me to work there for one day, Wednesday. But sadly i had to refuse because i have geography test that day and a skiing lecture :( I really wanted to go, but hopefully next time!
Wow. Like i said it's 13th which means it's my last week in uni. Only 4 more days (yeah i have uni on Saturday too!). I have a dance performance on Sunday (PRACTISE NIGHT! yayyy!). We have a practice on Saturday evening too, i really hope i am able to go. It depends what time it is because i have to be in uni  till 4pm. Jay can't come to see the dance show, but that's okay. He's coming home the day after the performance, on 19th! I love December because we can be together a lot! :)

Okay, i think i really should try harder to study for tomorrow's test because right now it seems i am not studying at all. :P


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