Monday, July 9, 2012


Jay and I came back to Estonia on Saturday. When we got to Helsinki we looked around at a shopping center a bit. I got a new dress and a sweater. Jay bought himself a new PC game which made him SO happy. Boys and their toys!
When we were on the ship Jay and I decided to play some cards, so Jay went and bought playing cards. One Russian man joined our game and so the three of us played until we arrived to Tallinn. I must say that I won most of the games! ;)
The weather in Estonia was soooo hot and it felt like sauna. Jay and I went to the foodshop and then straight home. We were at home the rest of the day. But yesterday we decided to go out for a walk. We visited the Flower Festival, walked through Old Town. Then we went to a mall where Jay surprised me with a gift - he wanted to buy me a handbag, I only had to choose one. So nice! I love the handbag we both picked up!!! After that we went to the bookstore and had a nice lunch at Vapiano. The weather was so nice so we decided to sit at the balcony while eating our lunch! I carried my photocam with me and took some photos. When we had finished out lunch we went to a shopping center where we bought some food and two pillows. I finally got a new bedcover, yay! We took our shopping bags home and then went to another shopping center coz we finally had time to buy two chairs for our kitchen table. 
Finally back at home, we were both soooo tired. I started making a dinner - macaron salad (Jay wanted!) and I also made an apple-foxberry tosca cake. It was so good! When I finished in the kitchen and finally got to lay down, my legs were hurting..they really needed a rest. 
It was nice to watch tv on the bed next to Jay. I fell asleep pretty early. 
Jay woke me 9am today. We had breakfast and then I took a shower and got both my fingernails and toe nails done ;) And around 12pm we went to the furniture salon near by our home. I wanted to buy a bookshelf. We looked around and found the one we I bought it and it'll be delivered on Thursday morning. That means that I can take all my books from Kohila to Tallinn! Then finally all my belongings are in Tallinn where's my home :):)
Jay and I cleaned all our apartment windows today. It's crazy how fast they get dusty because of the cars that drive past. But it looks so nice and clean now...but I suppose not for long. But it's okay.
After the cleaning we both needed to eat. Hehe, work made us hungry. So, we had a proper lunch in our kitchen, sitting on our new chairs. It was nice. Before we got the chairs we didn't eat in the kicthen much coz we had to stand and we didn't like to eat standing.. So, we mostly eat in our bedroom. But now we got to enjoy our meal like most people do - around the kitchen table, sitting on the chair. We ate, we was very nice!
We are planning to go to the zoo tomorrow if it is a nice weather. We haven't been there for pretty long, so it'll be cool to see all the animals and spend a good day in a fresh air! :)

Some photos of these past few days:

 Fresh fruit salad of a banana, kiwi and plum!
 Jay got a new PC game!
 Waiting for the ship!
 A fountain near the Flower Festival.
 Fun way to grow some flowers.
 Jay wanted to get inside of this church!
 A big church bell!
 Found this funny animal in the middle of the Old Town.
 Nice lunch at Vapiano! I had fresh Roman salad with parmesan, crutons and tomatoes:)
 Jay ordered pasta carbonara. 
 Our cute and cozy bedroom! 
 An apple-foxberry tosca cake I made.
I made a really small cake, but I still have so much left of it.. Cake anyone??

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