Sunday, September 9, 2012


Jay came home on Friday. I couldn't wait till my uni ended so I could see Jay. He came to my uni and we went out to have a lunch at this new Asian diner, called Panda Express. They gave us fortune cookies too! Yay!

Me, Jay and our friends went to Jay's friend's birthday party to Pärnu. It was fun there! It was at such a beautiful place, we all had a room and beds and stuff. They even had food there! Next day Jay didn't feel so great of course, but we arrived home safely around 2pm. Then we had lunch at Lido and went  home. So, we were at home the whole day and today has been pretty much the same. We only went to the foodshop and I also went to cheer on the my mom and dad. They were running 10 km at SEB Autumn Running Day. 
I just finished making pasta salad. O'boy how much I made it!!! Jay will take it to Finland with him too, so he can eat it there too.
Yeah, I think I am going to watch tv and just rest. "Hungover" is on tv tonight. I haven't seen the first part, so I wanna watch it tonight!

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