Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life through Instagram #1

Mõtlesin, et teen oma esimese Instagrami postituse. Näitan blogis pilte, mis mul Instagramis üleval ;)
//I decided to post some photos from my Instagram :) //

1. I love books!
2. Even if I don't have time to blog, I still find time to write to my journal.
3. Jay surprised me with florwes and someof my fav sweets!
4. My typical Friday!
5. Art by my pearls.
6. Late night nails. Inspired by spring :)
7. My princess!!!! :)
8. Had super nice time with Laura. That hot chocolate was soo good!
9. My sweet nephew! :)
10. Vapiano! Oh, how I had missed that. While being in Estonia we visited Vapiano sooo many times.
11. Snacks and my fav youtuber: EssieBotton :)
12. Flowers and candies from Jay!
13. My surprise picnic for Jay!
14. Celebrating Estonia's Independence Day with some Estonian candies :D
15. Late night tea. I love that yogi tea tells a wisdom of your day!

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