Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend in Estonia

I ran to a harbor straight after work on Friday to go to Estonia. Jay went there the same morning already because it was his granny's birthday and he went to visit her at countryside. By the time I arrived to Tallinn Jay was back and picked my up from the harbor. We went to the mall to buy some things, but that's where our plans got changed... Jay saw his old friend and he was going to celebrate his brother's birthday and asked Jay to join them. So, Jay went out with his friends and I drove to my sister's place alone. It was so nice to see my sister and my little nephew :) Next morning Jay came there as well. We were supposed to go to Tallinn for few hours on Saturday, but since Jay hadn't slept all night I let him sleep. 
My sister's birthday party was very nice. She had some relatives and friends over. We ate, chatted, grilled, did sauna, had waterfight ect. It was a nice day! I really enjoyed being there because I always love summertime in graden! It's so green and all the berries and apples are ripe! :) 
My sister and her son Jonathan :)
Unfortunately, I got a bit sick last night..and today I was feeling even worse. But I wasn't the only one. Came out all the guests got sick :S There must have been some sort of virus (my sister's stepdaughter was sick while we all were there). So we all caught her virus :S As I heard most of the guests have been vomiting today, but luckily Jay and I haven't. I just have nausea and headache, stomach hurts. Because of that we also came back to Finland quite early today.. we both were just feeling so bad. In the boat we took a cabin and slept the whole way..
It's nice to be back at home :) I made myself oatmeal and then had peppermint tea with lemon slice. I am still feeling weird, but I hope my stomach gets better. I have to go to work tomorrow!!! 
Three sisters :)
 Birthday girl :)
 Back at home.. drinking tea to fight my illness :P And watching New Girl :)

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