Friday, January 2, 2015

Lazy, rainy Friday + new year resolutions

I am laying on a couch in the living room, drinking my second cup of black tea, munching on chocolate and listening to Chandelier by Sia on repeat (I love the video soooo much!). Jay and I were supposed to go to water park today, but Jay stayed up all night and in the morning he was so tired. I myself went to bed 3am and woke already 8.30am.. So, I didn't get much sleep either. In the morning we went to the food shop and Jay wanted a breakfast so we went to the Hesburger. I was so hungry, but didn't order anything because something is bothering my stomach and I still haven't figured out what. I must start eating some food groups separately to eliminate those food that are okay for me to eat and don't mess up my digestion system. It actually is so stressful because I have this problem for few months already and it just sucks - I don't know what I can eat without having stomach hurts and constipation afterwards. :/ I hope soon I can figure it out and just quit eating foods that irritate my body. 
The weather is horrible today! It's raining like no other. And it's supposed to be winter - where's snow? Jay is going to work tomorrow and according to our plans right now we will go to the waterpark tomorrow when he's off. 
My work starts next Wednesday so I have few more days to just rest and do fun stuff :) From next week I am attending zumbas classes once a week, on Thursdays. I wanted to join the class in autumn already, but it got full before I managed to enroll. They opened an enrollment for the spring classes today and I quickly enrolled and paid for the classes - there's all together 16 classes and it only cost 50 euros :D What a bargain! I hope I like it..I have never been to that particular zumba class. I love Hyvinkää Fit24 zumba a lot, but I have also been to Willa zumba classes and I don't like these. But I will see how I like that new one :)
I thought I might write down here some of my new year resolutions;

  • Read every month at least one book
  • Workout - zumba once a week :)
  • Keep up with my Finnish studies
  • Get my stomach problem solved and eat only the foods that are good for my stomach
  • Buy myself ice-skates and go ice-skating as much as possible this winter! (we have an ice rank very close to our home)
  • Spend my 25th birthday in another country (I'm dreaming of Rome or London)
  • Be very positive and open minded
  • Help those who are in need - donate clothes, food, money ect. (I tend to do that anyway, especially at Christmas time, but I do want to do that more often throughout a whole year
  • Find more time to visit my family in Estonia
  • Go to IKEA (random, I know, but I have never been to IKEA even though I live in Finland :P)
  • Invest in quality not quantity!
And I'll end this blog post with my current favorite:

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