Wednesday, August 4, 2010

easy wednesday

I'm gonna be lazy today. And it'll be okay!
Monday was crazy! In many ways. I had so much fun with my girls..and whoever joined the party. But there was way more than just a party. When we first arrived at Jaana's place, we met her family, had late breakfast and went swimming. Well, first we boated to a small island and then we swam. Gosh, it was so fun. Jaana taught me how to do saltos in the water. It was so hilarious. But i finally managed to learn it:):)
Back at Jaana's, we changed our clothes, then went to meet Liis at the bus stop, had a lunch and BAM someone ran into the house and yelled: the sauna house is on fire! WTF?!
We ran outside and saw it was true. It really WAS on fire! We called for the firefighters and started taking as many stuff out from the sauna house as possible. But the fire went crazier and soon we couldnt go inside anymore.. Luckily firemen came really fast and started putting out the fire. But it took long to finally and totally put it out. But after about 2 hours they left. The sauna house was totally burnt. Really sad and awful picture was in front of us!
We thought to cancel the party, but Jaana insisted not to.
The party was fun. There were so many people. I knew none of them, except my uni friends..and Madis and Aare. We all had lots of fun!
We slept in the tent although not for long. It was quite cold at night. But i guess i still go to sleep for about 4 hours. In the morning i we sat and talked and some hadnt even got to sleep yet..or leave yet. Most of the guests left at night already coz they were all locals. Anyway, i got home with Madis and Aare. Thank God for that! Because if i had to come back by train then i would have arrived home abt 8pm. But by car i arrived home at 1:30pm. I took a longgg hott shower coz i was rly least i felt so. Gosh, it was so good to be at home, clean and just to rest. I had lunch and went to bed..I listened to my iPod and fell asleep. It was so good. AFter sleeping for abt 3 hours i went downstairs, ate one muffin, brushed my teeth and went back to bed. I ffinished listening to Remember Me audio book, listened few Miley's songs and fell asleep again. I was just so tired. But today morning i woke up 9am and now im totally rested and i feel great!=)
Also, its good that i have no plans for today! I can just wander around the house and do nothing. I like it!haha:) Im going to read a book & watch tv the whole day today=)


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