Thursday, August 5, 2010

summer cake :)

Okay, i know im so late with it, but better late than never, right?
Im talking about that cake recipe that i was talking about in my earlier blog posts. I made a delicious cake last week..or was that a week before last? Anyway, i just havent had time to post a blog about it. So, here i am now..
blueberries and a bit red currants
baking powder
sour cream
How to make it:
First you need to make the batter. Melt about 250 g margarine, add sugar, a bit of baking powder,salt and flour. Add as much that you need it to be tough enough to cover the griddle.

Now put it to the oven and bake in 200 C degrees for about 10-15 minutes.
While the batter is in the oven, you make sour cream battle that goes on it.
For that you need 4 eggs, sour cream, berries and sugar and salt. Mix them all and add them to the batter in the griddle.

Now put it back to the oven and bake in 200 C degrees more about 30 minutes. But definitely check it more often..and if it looks to be baked, take it out and enjoy!

What i love about this cake is that its easy to be made and it's super delicious in a second, third and forth day too! =)

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