Saturday, October 30, 2010

must stop!

Why do i eat so much that later i feel so sick!? I know. Because there are SO many delicious food on the table and i want to try everything(in case later it'll be gone). Crazy! I seriously love birthday parties, but the dinners are too much!
I feel like i don't want (nor need) to eat for the next couple of months! But im pretty sure i've forgot it by tomorrow :/
But i PROMISE here that i will skip MOST DEFINITELYbreakfast tomorrow! I might only have a cup of tea. But lunch will be huge again...coz we have so much leftovers. How could i say no to my all time favorite food: oven baked salmon(:
Can't believe its Sunday tomorrow. Back to university on Monday. Gosh, time flies.

Today has been such a fun day! Made a very delicious cake, celebrated dad's birthday and so on. I wish Johannes was here. Then it would have been a perfect day. But i guess we can't have all the good things at the same least not always.

I just got a text from Marina. She passed her driving exam. Yay! Congratulations to her! We are going to celebrate it on Tuesday!(:

Okiedokie I better change my clothes, go to bed and read a book. Im reading Minu Nepaal (My Nepal) which is so interesting book! Gosh, i never get enough of travelling literature!

PS! It's 9pm right now, but we gotta turn the clock back it's 8pm. :/ Still so early..but im quite tired already. I sound so old! haha.

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