Saturday, October 16, 2010


I woke up today morning and what i saw?! SNOW! Yup, it had been snowing last night! Love it! Of course it wasn't very much, but still the ground and roofs were covered with white soft snow. And of course it felt like Christmas are way closer than they really are. Damn, im graving for ginger cookies and mandarins. I miss Christmas joy!
But i gotta stick to the reality. I know sooner or later Christmas are here..and then they're gone again.
Right now i am trying to concentrate on my university studies. Math and Estonian tests went well, so im glad about that. Up coming week i'll have my first Spanish test(which will be really hard) and i'll have my this semester's first exams. Wish me luck!
But enough from school.

I just love 3-days weekends. I always manage to do so much! Yesterday besides studying i wathed Gossip Girl, make my scarf ready, went to the post office(twice!), did some pilates and just spent time on the net(too much time!). Today i studied for Spanish test, made myself super delcious omlette for lunch, visited my older sister with my younger one(had a nice sisters' time!), came back home and had fun watching tv with mom&dad. Also made a perfect muesli with mom! And what else?! Oh yea, we made a special room for pilates!(: And i looked for a recipe for tomorrow's lunch. I'll make a super delicious soup for my family. I'm right now so graving for a soup. So i decided to be the chef tomorrow! As i suppose breakfast chef will be dad... he'll make us pancakes:D Yumyum! Anywho, tomorrow will be a local fair, so i guess we'll go and check it out. And around 1ish pm i'll go to Tallinn. I'll meet Johannes there and spend the whole day with him. Going to stay over at granny's and then on Monday straight to university from granny's. Nice plans. Hope it all goes like that!
But i dont want to think too much ahead.. who knows how things could turn out.. Let's better wait and see.

I don't know why but lately i've been obsessed with rings. Especially coctail rings! Im lovin' these!
Well, well, well. As autum is here, i again have a list of needs. Lol. I save these from Christmas.
But here are few things i have right now in my mind that i'd like to get:

I love nail polishes by Rimmel London. & i'd love to get the Coral Romance nail polish!So pretty!

Gosh! I love that perfume! I know it's old, but i still love it<3

Since winter is coming i really want black uggs!!!!!!

I'm going to bed with my laptop now to watch Hellcats!(:


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