Wednesday, January 12, 2011

every part of me

It's been again for a while since my last post. Thing have been great. Christmas and New Years Eve was fun because i got to be with J! He's in Finland right now and i miss him like crazy!
I was supposed to study for tomorrow's Spanish oral exam, but i just couldn't. All i could do was think of J. I can't wait till he comes back. Tomorrow will be our 5th month anniversary. Can't believe it's already 5 months. Time flies. But in a second thought, i feel like i've been with him forever. I seriously can't imagine what i would do without him. I guess i am really used to that guy. Me gusta!<3
Oh, i should be studying right now too. But instead i am writing here. :| I watched 13 episodes of HM today. Instead of studying. :| Actually i did study a bit, but i spend more time on the breaks than studying. I know, i am so bad. And i will probably regret it tomorrow. But more then anything i want the exam to be fine. I suck at speaking in Spanish. One thing is to write or read, but speaking is totally different.
I guess i gotta wish for a miracle!!!! And i truly do!

I haven't written about the dancing studio which i joined in. It's called DanceAct and im learning video-clip dancing. It's super fun! We are learning a dance from Feedback music video (by Janet Jackson). It's quite hard, but me gusta!=)

Anyway, after tomorrow's exam i'll have two more weeks till university starts again. I'm so happy that i can relax and not to think about uni AT ALL! I just want tomorrow to be over(the exam part!). After the exam i'll go to my granny's and later to the dance practice.
Too bad J can't be around tomorrow. Another anniversary that we can't celebrate or just be together. :(
But this one day doesn't matter as long as we are together all the other days we can. Whenever and wherever i'm with him, i'm so happy!

Last Thursday i made him a cake because i knew we couldn't be together on 13th. So, i made him the cake a week before our anniversary. He had told me he liked truffle cake. And it decided to look for the recipe and make a truffle cake for the first time of my life. It didn't look that nice, but it tasted pretty good. And what's the most important is that J liked it(at least he told that and he did pretty much eat all the cake by himself..except two little pieces that i ate). I made the cake with all my love and i hope he catched it :D haha.

Okay, i'll watch tv now and then pack my bag for tomorrow's practice.

Night =)

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