Monday, January 17, 2011

feels good.

So much about my great intention to make a really delicious white chocolate cake. I totally failed :|
But i sort of managed to fix it and in the end everybody sort of liked it. Yeah. But i wish everything was perfect.
But it was a few days ago. So its comptely forgotten by now. haha
It's Wednesday today. I got Spanish exam result - C. Yay! I am so happy. I can breath now again and totally relax and enjoy the uni break without worrying about any result or exam. It feels great. I only wish J was here too. I miss him when he's not around. But we'll see on Friday. Cant wait.
Yesterday i had a dance practice again. It was super cool. Dancing is my passion!
I also went ice-skating yesterday. What a fun day!
Tomorrow's a dance practice again. Me gusta! And on Friday evening i'll see J. And on Saturday we are going to theater to see a play.

I think im going to bed and i'll read a book. I haven't had much time to read recently. But now i want to do and enjoy it. :)

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