Monday, January 9, 2012

home with Jay

It's so good to be at home with Jay. We were just at home on Friday and on Saturday we went to Janar's birthday. We slept over in Kohila and next morning we went to my greatgrandmother's birthday, she turned 89 :) It's Monday today and Jay is going to Finland tonight :(
And tomorrow i must start studying for Wednesday's exam. It'll be boring day. I really can't wait till exams are over. I don't know yet if i am going to Finland on Friday night or Saturday morning.
It started snowing on Friday night. So beautiful! I really love it. And it's a bit colder too, about -10 degrees.
Me and Jay watched movie "Poseidon" last night, we are ice-cream and watched tv. It was so nice! :) I am going to miss him when he goes to Finland, but I'll survive :) He's the best!
Oh, i finally got the book i won through facebook. I started reading it last night, i so love it!!!!!:)
I really like how good everything is. I truly hope it's going to be very very great year! :)

O'boy i want it!!!!!!

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