Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13th June

Today morning Jay kissed me and wished me happy 13th June - our 1 year and 10 months anniversary:) It's so cute he remembered. I honestly didn't remember it was 13th today. But he's a good reminder ;) He said we can go to the shop and y something extra good for breakfast. He actually says that all the time, but still. He did today too! :D So, we did. It was 8am and we went to the foodshop, bought some yummie food. Then we had a breakfast, watched some tv (from 9am to 10 pm) and then fell asleep. I slept till 11am (so only 1 hour) coz I wanted to watch Home and Away. :D He slept till 7pm. Yeaahh! He was so tired coz he had a night shift. Anyway, I did some workout, took a shower, watched a movie, ate cherries, watched one episode of Pretty Little Liars and two episodes of Modern Family, ate some more cherries, read a book, ate an apple, read more, eat a yogurt. Yeah. when I am at home alone (Jay was sleeping so I was as same as alone) I get so bored...I do the things I like - read, watch tv and so on... but I also eat. A lot. I just get so tired when I am spending time with myself on my own. Haha! When Jay woke up 7pm, we watched football and went to the shop to buy some take-a-way dinner.
We are going back to Estonia on Saturday. Oh, I miss my bed (I say that every time I'm in Finland!). But it's true. And I miss just my home, my bedroom, my stuff, good estonian food and nice city of Tallinn. There's a lot to miss actually.
Anywho, I am reading Cecelia Aherns's newest book "The Time of My life" right now, which is sooo good! It's very interesting and deep and with a good message, like all her books! I reccomend!
Well, it's almost 1am... which means it's already tomorrow, 14th June. Yeah, I better go to bed to read a book and then it's sleepy time! :)

Jay makes me feel like a Princess! I am living a fairytale with my Prince Charming! :)

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