Tuesday, June 12, 2012

noisy day

This noise is unbearable. First I thought the mashines were just in front of the building, but now I realized they are right behind our windows... Thank god the curtains are closed!!! They are fixing a roof of the building. But the noise is so loud! I wonder how Jay can even sleep right now. He poor thing is so tired I guess that he won't hear even the loudest noise. Good for him!
Anyway, I went to dad's place in the morning. We went for a walk and did some foodshopping, then ate an early lunch at his place. My stomach is so full!
Oh, at the foodshop I saw a really cute ice-cream maker. I have always wanted to make ice-cream. I know home made ones are way better! And I already have some few fav recipes! But I suppose there's no rush with it. First I want a big kitchen :D
I am actually quite tired. I suppose I am going to read a book and just relax!
The weather is so nice, by the way! I hope it'll last like that. It's Jaan's Day next week ;)

PS! I am so happy to be in Finland with Jay again! I totally enjoy every second I spend with him :)


 Mmmm, ain't these perfect for hot summer days??

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