Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas feeling

I am totally waiting for Christmas! I decorated my bedroom and I listened to christmas songs yesterday. I really want to have a  christmas tree this year! I hope next weekend I have time to bake ginger cookies! I love the holiday season!!!  And the weather prodcast said it's going to snow this week! How wonderful!
I have a little christmas wish-list even tho we are not going to make presents this year (just one with they lottery - our family tradition). So, but I still have few things I have noticed while shopping and I think I'll just buy myself a little present. Lol.
So, here's my short list:
1) long and short PJ pants!
2) a puppy /(I know I must wait with that one!)
3) Joik candle (christmas scent)
4) Cranberry showergel from The Body Shop

There are few other small things..

Anyway, Jay is coming home 30 minutes! I made him lunch and after he has eaten we are going to the movies to watch Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

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