Thursday, November 15, 2012

love is in the air..

When Jay came home everything was so perfect. I love having him around, I feel so good then! We had a great time together. On 13th Nov we celebrated our 2 and quater years anniversary and we went to a restaurant Wabadus. It's was a very nice evening :) He had to go back to Finland yesterday and now I am waiting till he comes home again! I miss him so much! :(
I try to keep myself busy with my internship. 
The good thing is that I can move to Finland in a year, at the end of December next year. I won't have any classes in spring on my last uni year, so I can move to Finland after autumn semester already! I just have to wait a year..only a year! I am so excited! I wanna be with Jay each and every day!

Even tho Jay and I have been together more than 2 years, love is still in the air..and will be forever! :)

Strawberry smoothie and Gossip Girl.


My new haircut!

Autumn in Tallinn.

Jay and I were walking in a dark autumn night. It was so beautiful!

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