Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend, mushrooms & an apple pie recipe!

If anybody says mushrooms or apple pie I instantly think of autumn (or the end of summer). Last weekend dad and I took out bicycles and went to pick mushrooms. We had so much fun! We found so many mushrooms and I totally enjoyed being out in nature with him :)
The same weekend I of course was boiling the mushrooms and marinated them. I got 10 glass jars of marinated mushrooms! Dad asked me yesterday again to pick some mushrooms and marinate them, but I think I have enough right now.

I also made an apple pie last weekend. Apples are obviously in season right now and they taste so good, sweet and juicy! I was craving for an apple pie so I made one. I know I would be eating it all by myself so I made the healthier version. I found the recipe from a cookbook called "Maitseelamused tervise heaks". (she was using rhubarbs, but the season is over, so I used apples!) I like that the author is using so good ingredients in her recipes and so you don't have to feel guilty! It's all about clean and natural high fiber ingredients! I am definitely going to try more of her recipes :) I must also mention that it's so cool how her book is divided into four chapters - recipes for each season! That for you can really use ingredients that are fresh at that time of the year ;) Clever!

I'm kindly sharing the recipe:

250g wholegrain flour
125g butter
50g cane sugar
1 egg

apple jam 
about 4 apples

50g butter
30g cane sugar
100g oat bran

Mix all the base ingredients into dough. Cover the bottom of cooking pan with the dough and cook in the oven 5-7 min in 185 C degrees. After that put apples and applejam on a base and cook about 10 more minutes. Meanwhile make the crumble: mix cold butter, sugar and bran with your hands till it has a nice crumbly texture. Crumble it on top of the pie and cook in the oven about 20 minutes. 

It tastes good warm and cold :)

This weekend I have been at home (it's still Saturday evening..). The weather is so nice, sunny and warm! When I went to the foodshop earlier and passed apples on sale I just got a feeling that I need to make another apple pie this weekend. I would actually like to make a pie or a cake using avocado instead of butter. I must find a good recipe for that, but I'd like to try and make a cake even more healthier! Besides I love avocados!!! If I make one I will share the result ;)

Have a nice evening, everybody!!!

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