Friday, September 26, 2014


This week was somehow full of different meeting and other important things at work. I was so busy all the time that the days just passed by. I almost feel like I skipped some days. Friday came so suddenly, but it's definitely a nice surprise :)
Besides work the week was pretty normal. I think it was Tuesday morning when I woke up and realized it's snowing :) I was super excited and that gave me instantly so much energy and happiness! I love snow and I just like where seasons change. But surely this snow melted before it touched the ground and I am glad... it's just to early for snow. Let's enjoy the autumn first! I really like how crisp and chilly it is outside. I love snuggling in my big scarf, sweater and jacket :) I also like to drink tea after coming in from outside. It gives comfort and makes me feel warm again! 

I have also been enjoying walking on colorful leaves! Oh, that crispy noise :D
On Wednesday I went to zumba class and after that I felt extremely tired. I didn't enjoy the class so much, because it was more hopping around and not real zumba (I went to a different sport club this time, but it's not for me!). Anyway, when I got home I took a shower and went straight to bed. Next day I felt so weird at work..I felt hot and the cold. I also had awful headache and I was soooo tired! I was supposed to meet my friend Stella after work to have a dinner together, but I cancelled because I was just feeling so sick :S I went home, had dinner and went to bed. And today morning I felt okay again :) I think I was just to tired and my body couldn't take it. So, now that have been slept enough I feel great again :) I will definitely reschedule with Stella and meet her next week!!! 
I am so glad it's weekend tomorrow! I don't have many plans...I will mostly be at home. In the morning tomorrow I will teach one boy for an hour. He'll come to my home so I don't even have to go outside :) But I think after I am done with him I will clean home, make next week's menu and go to the foodshop to buy the food we need for next week (my co-worker Ashley told me that she's always making the whole week's menu and buys all the things at the same time). I am going to try that too! Maybe I will be more creative with dinners then :P Sometimes I am really tired after work and don't feel like cooking at all..
I also want to do my homework for Finnish class and read a book! I want this weekend to be very relaxed and nice! I think I will also go out to ride my bicycle because I just love to ride when it's autumn :D 
I must mention that I keep checking foodstored for persimmon, but they still don't have it. I am wondering when are they in season? I just can't wait to eat them since I love them sooo much! I have been a lot clementines lately and they remind me of Christmas :D
Next weekend I am going to Estonia (I was supposed to go later but things got changed..). So, next weekend I will go to my grandfather's birthday and will meet my friend Laura. I also have a little list of things I want to do and buy in Estonia! :) About that later!

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