Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello November!

Wow! Time really flies past (it seems I say that at the beginning of every month:P). The older I get, the faster days seem to pass by. Especially work days. It's actually so great to discover that it's Friday again (who wouldn't like that?!). Anyway, last week didn't happen much. Jay and I went to the movies to see The Maze Runner which I liked, but found it very confusing... I think if I had read the book first the movie would have made much more sense. But either way I enjoyed it and I will definitely go to see the second part when it comes out. 
Last week I went to the Finnish class only on Monday, but it was such a waste of time. I was just sitting there and learning nothing new.. That's why I didn't go to Tuesday and won't go this upcoming week at all. I can come home and work through half of the textbook in the same time they do one exercise in the class.. I know that it was my own mistake to go to the beginners course.. it's just too easy. But it's okay. I will just study more at home and once in a while will go to the class. 
Work week was pretty busy because my group's other teacher had a surgery so I was alone with my kids. This week will be the same way. I actually like being alone, but it's just so much more work.. Especially planning ect. Last Friday we had a Halloween party. It was so fun! I was dressed up as a Super Woman. I forgot to take photos, but I might ask Jay to take a photo of me later this week (I still have a costume at home).  
This weekend was so great. I feel like I got to rest a lot. I cleaned home, had a student come over for a little study time, then made dinner, baked pumpkin pie ect. Only down side was yesterday evening when I had dinner and pumpkin pie - I just ate too much and felt soo bad afterwards. My stomach hurt and I was so weak.. But then Jay and I went out for a walk and it made me feel much better. Today I was much more cautious with meal sizes - I hate overeating! So, today I was feeling so good. I went to the foodshop with Jay to buy next week's food. I also had a student over for an hour, made dinner, had a face mask on, watched my fav tv show and so on. Jay is at work and will come home around 11pm. I hope that this upcoming week will be very nice and easy. Tomorrow I will have a meeting with a parent and on Tuesday I'm going to a Pupper Theater with my kids. And on Friday we'll have a Father's Day Coffee there's quite much to wait for :) But the most exciting is the fact that it's means next month is December - my favorite time of the year! My Christmas spirit is so eager to come out. This year I want to make my own ginger bread dough, roast some caramelized almons, burn lots of Chirstmas scented candles, put Christmas decorations out (cannot wait!!!) and much much more! I can't wait till snow comes down and I can listen to Christmas songs (I want Pentatonix's new Christmas album!). I am also looking forward to making some Christmas cards from my friends and going Christmas shopping (I have already done some online shopping:P). Oh, there's so much to look forward to, but I know December is a month away. So I better enjoy this last autumn month and try to make the best of it. But last year I felt that December was too short to really enjoy Christmas season, so this year I am not afraid to start a bit earlier with all these Christmas thoughts, treats and preparations :) High Five if you love Christmas time as much as I do :)



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