Sunday, November 23, 2014

all that food!!! + fun times with our guests :)

I have been coughing for 2 weeks now and therefor I have been so tired and weak. Last work week was actually very nice and quite calm. On Monday I managed to go to Finnish class after work and on Thursday I went to the movies with Jay to watch "The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay - Part 1". It was so good and I cannot wait to see part 2 next year! 
It started snowing on Friday and it made me sooo happy :) At work kids even were sliding in the park :) Oh, I love snow! It gives me such a good mood. I think the snow came down just at the right time..I am so ready for Christmas season!!!
My mom and her bf came to visit us yesterday. They arrived around 4pm, so we had late lunch and went to the shops for a while. After that we were just at my place, chatting and catching up, had dinner ect. Jay had to go to work today morning so we let mom's bf sleep long. Me and mom had breakfast together and just talked about life. It was nice :) Later when Maarek woke up and had his morning coffee we all went to the shops again :) I had few things I needed, so did they. I think we all got what we went looking for. I got a new rug for our bathroom, birthday gift for my nephew, soft and comfy pj pants (which I am use as home-pants :D), some Christmas stickers for work, Christmas-y table runner, pillow cases, outdoor Christmas ornament... I think that's it. I also bought food and such. 
Like always mom asked what we wanted from Estonia.. so I gave her a small list that mostly included food. The most I was excited about my fav Christmas dessert: gingerbread kohuke (curd snack). It's seasonal and so you can only buy it from November till January. I am going to keep them in the freezer so I can have one whenever I want :D She also bought blood sausage that I wanted because it's my fav Christmas food :D We are going to have it for dinner tomorrow, among with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes..oh I cannot wait :)
I also bought my fav Creme Brulee that Lidl always has at Christmas time. We had it for dessert tonight. So delicious!!! And to end all of this food talk, I made my very first gingerbread cookie dough today! I got mom's recipe so I am sure I will have the best gingerbread cookies ever! I am going to bake the cookies next weekend :)
Mom also bought some of my old puzzles (I will take these to the kindergarten) and old pictures, letters ect that I had made/written. The oldest one was a painting I made when I was 1 years and 9 months old :) I am so glad she had kept them all! I had tons of fun going through them yesterday!!! I am definitely going to keep them safe and treasure them :)
The best curd snack in a world:D I love Christmas time!!!

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