Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice start for a day..

Uh!!!Today we were supposed to go to the beach. Mom told we will go to Pärnu beach which is the BEST beach in Estonia.And Pärnu is summer capital of Estonia. Anyway, so as i knew we will go there i was super excited.I put all the swimming stuff to my bag and i was ready to leave. But then dad wanted to wash his hands and he noticed there's no water! GREAT! Water pump was borken. Mom told we won't leave till it's fixed.It looked pretty hopeless. But then suddenly water came back!Yay!Uh, my mom still wanted to touch sth there and water was gone again!Well done, mom! Oh, so again NO water. And this time we couldn't fix it. Dad called to a man who knows about that stuff.He came here and told this pump had been rly broken and we had to buy a new one. Why today?On Sunday. The hottest day since winter! All i wanted to do today was to lay on the beach and SWIM!
Oh, but as we couldn't go to the beach i was just laying in my garden and getting some tan.It's so hot that i wanted to drink, but we didn't have water.Thank God i put water on the bottle before this thing broke down. I wanted to take a water bottle to the beach with me. And i also had in my room a big bottle of water coz i used that when i did some exercises. So, it looks i had hold over some water although i had no idea i may need it like that. LOL
But well, my parents went to this special shop to buy a new pump. I came inside coz it's sooo hot outside and now i see how hard it is to live without a water! I feel sorry for the people who live in deserts where it's always very hot and they are lack of water. They must be really strong.And i know they are like hyper happy if they get some extra water from somewhere. My younger sister was whining coz she was so hot and she wanted water. I tried to explain her that she's lucky she has water most of the time. But these people in deserts must live like that all the time. It's crazy!!!

So, im in my room now and i just watched Hannah Montana. I wanted to watch Privileged, but i couldn't coz in was 12th episode missing. Now im downloading one. I really wish we had this show in our tv too, but we don't.So, i must download.I know it's such a bad thing..

Anyway, im going to a food shop with my sister now. We want water and ice-cream:)

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