Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm feelin' okay

Today was a pretty cool day! After i woke up i watched The Hills. I was so excited to see the last episode with LC. It was quite sad.The Hills won't be the same without her...
Oh, and the MOST important thing.Yesterday the FIRST thing i did after i woke up was that i went to mtv.com to see the trailer of New Moon. Gosh!!!!!!!!!it was amazing:) and then of course i watched the whole MTV movie awards 2009. I loved it so much! It was all about Twilight! Oh, it was so funny when Kristen Stewart dropped her award.Gosh! The "kiss" was so cute and i really hoped they would actually kiss..but they did a great show! ps!if you are a fan of Twilight and haven't seen it yet you should definitely watch it.I promise its worth it!

Anyway, i was talking about today. After i watched The Hills i went out with my friend Laura. We just walked around Kohila and then we met couple of our classmates. We chatted a bit and then we went to eat hamburger.Later we met our other friend, again chatted a bit and me and Laura decided to give our voice..we are choosing a person who will represent Estonia in the Parlament of Europe. So, as we are over 18 years old we can give our voice too. And that's exactly what we did.We didn't support the same political party though.
Well, after being politically active we came to my place to "shop" online. We didn't really buy/order anything. WE were just looking..lol Too bad we don't have credit cards here. Just an electron cards. But i found an amazingly cute bikinis. Just perfect for this summer. I want them so bad. I already forgot what shop are the from...me&my bad memory.

Geez.A bit time ago i watched one of my fav tv series called Home&Away. I really love that series.I basically grew up watching it! The cast has changed so many times, but the story is so cool, so interesting and never boring!Love it <333

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."

Right now im reading a book called "Marley and Me". I went to the cinema to see it with my granny and my sister. Gosh! The whole audience was crying in the end. Nobody could hold their tears back. It was very sad! After the movie i was sure i want to read this book too. And im lovin' it. I have read only 100 pages yet, but it's the same good as the movie.Really, really funny. But im a bit scared to read the end because i know it's going to be very sad. When i watched the movie i was thinking of my dog Ronni who i lost 3 years ago. She was my very best friend.I know it may sound stupid, but i don't care.It's how i felt and im happy she knew that.I told her every single day how much i loved that.So, one is sure, she knew how much i cared of her and loved her.That's all that matters! I am still constantly thinking of her. She was too important for me.I will never forget her. I love a book called "Blue Bird". It is a very simple fairy-tale that has so many deep messages in it.

"The story of the Blue Bird is the base on which the Wizzard of Oz was written and is a beautiful yet realistic story of two children's dreams. It has hidden meanings in its story and truths which are often denied to children, while the images and the character lines are colourful and imaginative."

Thia book taught me that we never should forget dear people who we have lost and we are missing. We should remember them every day because it is the only was they can always stay with us. I want to remember my dog Ronni forever.That's why i think of her all the time. Sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it makes me happy. We have so many memories and i want to hold them in my heart forever, just like i hold my dog in there.
3 years ago i lost my other best friend- Clara. She meant everything to me. I never thought i would meet such an amazing friend like her.But destiny was sweet me and i got to know her and become such a good friend with her. But her doctor discovered that she has a cancer.When i first heard of it i thought it's a joke.But then i understood it'n not. I took it hard but i knew she needs a optimisitc friend.I was there for her this whole time. She was so strong.She is probably the strongest person i have ever known. And the most sweetest! She just knew how to make me happy. I'm not saying i'm not happy anymore, but she was so special and when she was still here with me i felt that it cannot be any better.I had everything i needed- a loving family, my dog and other pets, my best friend Clara and all my other friends. And whenever i felt down she made me happy and positive again. The doctor said if the threatment wouldn't help she would have been gone till the end of the summer. It seemed so unreal. How could she just be gone. I had just met her. We had been friends about 2 weeks by the time she heard the bad news. I was praying every night and really believing she can make it. I had a strong faith. I asked for a miracle. But it never come..or maybe it did. Clara WAS a miracle. Although she died on 19th June (18 days after she heard about her illness) i know she was happy, peaceful. Night before she died we talked very very long. I felt so happy. When i went to bed i prayed again, like every night.I remember i thanked God for giving me my best friend.And i asked him once again not to take my best friend away from me and all the other ones who loved her. Next morning i heard the sad news. At first it was hard to believe it. I saw hundred pictures in my eyes. All the memories i had with her. It was so hard to realize she was really gone. But never gone from my life. She is always with me just ask she promised. She is in my heart and in my thoughts. I am not scared of thinking of her althought it sometimes hurts. But i want her to know that i haven't forgotten her. She will be my no.1 friend forever. Sure i didn't understand why God took her away. But i guess God needed a new angel. And Clara was just perfect to be one. She was angel down here already...
This summer 3 years ago was the hardest because i lost my two best friends- Clara and 6 days later my dog Ronni. I cried a lot and didn't see a light or strenght to move on. But my friends and family were here for me and i learned to move on still not forgetting my sweeties!
Life is unpredictable so we should always be thankful of what we have and we should show our love and caring to the persons who are important for us because we never know what could happen. If they know they are loved they can be happy whereever they are.

Sometimes it's good to go back in time and think if the things that are a bit painful..but it's all worth it.

"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever."

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