Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a good day!
My lil sis went to the country-side to the summer cottage. So, i have few days to enjoy the freedom at home:) I went to Tallinn with my dad. I bought new bikini which i LOVE <333 And then i bought new headphones for my iPod. My old ones broke down and i needed new ones quickly because when we go to Lithuania we have about 9 hours bus drive..And i wanna listen to my iPod :)
Well, i met today one very cool guy -Teddy. Not face to face though. Just on myspace. I like making new friends.
Anyway, i just had a serious conversation with my parents.LOL Not that serious actually. Mom and i were laughing, but dad was mad. LOL He wants so bad me to study something else from what i want. And he don't understand why we don't agree with him and me and mom just couldn't stop making fun at him. Actually it was nice to talk. I told mom i wanna try and see if i can get into the University of Tallinn to study english&culture and then i maybe will try to get into to study being primary school teacher and english teacher in secondary school. Dad didn't like the last idea. But it's my life. He said that i graduated with straight A's and i got gold medal so it means i should study something better. But he doesn't understand i want to study something i will like to do the rest of my life. And teaching is exactly what i would like to do!:)So, i have decided!yay :) It feels good! Now i just must cross my fingers and hope that i will get into these and that i will get to the free studying(it means that i don't have to pay for my's like a stipendium or something..). I guess i need another MIRACLE! A very very important one!

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