Saturday, June 13, 2009

party after

Well, yesterday was absolutely awesome day!
First, the Hannah Montana Movie was super cool!So amazing!I really enjoyed it!Wanna watch again.haha Elise almost started crying at that part when Travis finds out that Miley is Hannah(or that Hannah is Miley:P). I personally liked the most part where Miley started singing The Climb.I love this song.It has a great message and this song always touches my heart. Oh, and in the cinema all the seats were full. There were soo many teenages, BUT we also saw a man in the back row(he was about 35 year and there were few more who was older or the same old as me and my friend. But most of the viewers were youger than i. I think i am gonna keep the movie ticker forever.LOL Just like i am keeping Enrique Igelsias' concert ticket. It was the BEST concert ever! And HM Movie was the best movie that i have went to see to the cinema. I really hope that when New Moon comes out i can go to watch it to the cinema too! I can't wait!
Oh, my friend Elise thinks now that she is gonna listen Miley Cyrus' music too!Cute! See what one movie can do. Change music tastes!haha

Hannah Montana: The Movie

HM Movie ticket

Oh, and after the movie we(me&Elise) went shopping.First we went to a book shop. We bought Laura a book she wanted for her bday and for Sigrid we bought Eclipse book.She doesn't have it yet, but she really wants to read it!So, i think she will like to get it:) After the book shop we went to a shopping center.We bought two pair of earrings for Laura and one pair for Sigrid.
When we came back by train we went to Laura's place. Her birthday was really fun and cool. She loved the presents:) We had so much awesome time. We ate a lot(rly we were soo fullll:S) and we just chatted(like girls always..well,there were few guys too..)and we watched a movie later. It was really fun.We took pix and made some funny videos.But i don't have anything to upload right now.
Anyway, we left 1 am. I came home with Sille. She had bike too so she was riding a bike and i sat back.It was pretty good way to arrive home fast!:)
Sure, when i arrived home my lil sis was still awake.No surprise. At night i saw so many stupid dreams.Like totally nightmares!:S But im glad these were not true!
Well, today i had planned few graduation stuff with mom. It's gonna be lightening outside today i think.But i don't mind.I will go to Sigrid's birthday anyway. So, one party is over and one more to go:D I always like my friends' birthday parties because these are so fun!I love the people who go there!

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