Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Waiting for lunch...

I am waiting for lunch so i thought to come here and write a bit.
Me and my sister watched The Butterfly Effect 3 just a bit time ago.Hmm, it was good, but i think the 2nd one was the best of all the three. When the 2nd one was more about love and fixing it in the past and so on, then the 3rd one was more about fixing crimes and stuff like that. The main character messed everything up..made it a lot worse.So, it was a bit annoying. BUT the end was the best in the 3rd one. It was surprising and very interesting, i must say.
Well, now a little bit another talk. I was just surfing on the net and i found someone's website about chocolates. And there was even written about Estonia's chocolate fabric called Kalev. It is the only sweets fabric here. Most of the sweets we just import. Anyway, but i LOVE Estonia's chocolates.These are really really delicoius.And i am pretty happy seeing this website about chocolate. The owner wrote there that she has tasted Kalev's chocolates and she loves them.And there was bunch of comments.Everybody who wrote had only good things to say about our chocolates. As comes out people from USA, Spain and other countries really like our chocolate and they even want to order it. I think the best Kalev's chocolate is white chocolate with puffed rice and bilberries.Really delicious!!!!! Oh, who am i kidding with..all the chocolates are good. I mean like ALL. I have never tasted a chocolate i don't like. But still i have some favorites...

Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food."

Oh, i have a pretty good news. My grandmom called me today and told that she saw my teacher at school(you know my granny is a English teacher..) and my teacher had given her an invitation for The Best Students' Concert in Rapla County. Mayor of Rapla County will be there and i don't know who else..Of course other students..with their parents..Yeah, the invitation was for the student and parents. I heard that from my class 4 students got the invitation..3 girls and 1 boy. Teacher gave my friend's invitation to my granny too so later i will go to my granny's place to get the invitations and then i will go to my friend's place and give one to her.
Oh, and you can imagine how happy and excited my dad was when i told him about it.He was like a little child who gets a new toy.Super happy.LOL And he quickly called my mom and told her about that too. Like HELLLOO?!! I thought i could tell it. Besides, it's not a big deal. It's funny to see my parents so happy for something like that. But i let them be happy. I forgot to say the concert is on 18th June..2 days before i graduate. I don't know what to wear...
Well, i have time to figure it out. By the way, i think i will go to Tallinn on Friday with my friend Elise. First we want to go to the cinema to watch Hannah Montana movie. I have actually seen it already, but she hasn't so we will go:) And then we will go shopping. I need to buy two gifts. On Friday evening i will go to Laura's(my friend) birthday and on Saturday evening my friend Sigrid will celebrate her birthday. So, two birthdays in two evenings. Exciting.But it is so hard to buy a present. They don't even tell what they want.haha. I will figure out something though..i always do!

Okay, i'm going downstairs to see if the lunch is ready;)

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