Sunday, June 14, 2009

old memories have been waken up!

Yeah, i was right-yesterday was lightening and lots of rain. So big storm!But i didn't mind because Sigrid's birthday party was inside. And i must say that her party was so cool!We had really fun time.There was 7 of us, plus Sigrid herself. Three boys and five girls. We ate so many delicious food.Sigrid had cooked and baked quite long i guess! We also chatted a lot about everything.
"Boys said: Gosh!Girls, every time you get together you all start gossiping!!"
Actually boys gossiped too.And even more!Way way more!Honestly, i heard things i now wish i never heard How can i look into few people's faces now..i know too much about them.And trust me, what i know isn't that nice!But i know at least one of them doesn't even mind us all knowing about what we know now. LOL

Anyway, we also played one cool game called Imago.It is always a fun game to play at birthdays! Oh, and we watched old videos.Sigrid's mom and dad always filmed when Sigrid was a little girl. Me and Sigrid went to the same kindergarten class so i was in every video too. It was soo cute to watch when we were three year olds and there was a little concert for our parents. We all sat in seats and then we had to stand up and sing..Everybody stund up, except me!haha. Then i waved my hand and my mom (who was our kindergarten teacher) came to me and whispered something to me. She probably explained that i must stand up and sing. But i was so mommy girl. But thank God when the next song started i stund up too and sing along with everybody else:) But then Sten(who also was at Sigrid's birthday party) decided to sat and not to sing.Funny kids, right?! Oh, and my mom went to weird old clothes! When we were 4 year olds we were in the new class and had new teachers. All the singing and dancing concerts were so cute in the kindergarten.I really liked the very last concert.We were finishing the kindergarten in May and were supposed to go to school in September.So it was our last time in the kindergarten. We had learned so many dances and songs and a little play. I so remember when we were learning these stuff and when the concert was! And of course it was awesome to see it all in the video now again becaue before it was just in my head, just a memory that i though i can never see so clear again. I am very happy that Sigrid has all these videos!It's amazing!:)
They have filmed all Sigrid's birthdays too. So, when she got 4 she invited me to her birthday too! I looked so adorable and we seemed to have such a fun time! It's weird to know i have been friends with Sigrid since i was's 16 years already! Pretty awesome!:)

The birthday was fun in many other reasons too. We all go to the same class and have been friends so long. We had much to talk about.Now as we are gonna graduate everything will change. But i really hope we will stay friends and have these cool birthdays more and more. I think it's important to stay friends because after so many years we are like a big family!:)

"When life is too crazy, and things are moving too fast, look to the constant stars... and remember, like them, our friendship can last."

Oh, i hear my sister is talking to her boyfriend's daughter that she will come to the net as soon as her sister(me) finishes here. I guess that means i must finish soon.Nice!

By the way, yesterday i heard some more student from our class got the invitation to the Rapla County ceremony..the best students thingy. I don't know how they pick them out..these students.
I honestly, wish it was over.And mostly the graduation!
And on 25th-28th we are in Lithuania.It is going to be our last trip together!
Okay, i will go to read a Gossip Girl 8th Novel:Nothing can keep us together. Today i finished reading Marley and Me. It was so very sad.I cried when Marley died. So sad. I have lost two dogs in my life and 4 cats. It is so sad when a pet dies because she/he isn't only a pet but a family member, a good friend! My dog Ronni was my BEST friend!And i'll never forget her and my love will never die! She meant so much to me! It may soung weird how an animal can be a friend and so on, but you'll understand if you have any and if you really care of them! Dogs usually protect their family and they would do anything for them. They are so loyal to their family!

"A dog is the only thing on eart that loves you more than he loves himself."

But my dogs know i have always loved them more than myself :) So, they have always been beloved..if not by theirself then by me and my family!

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