Wednesday, August 12, 2009

crazyyy days =D

First of all, quite much has happened lately.
I spend my whole weekend with Laura. It was fun. On Sunday we made hot bananas at my place. We ate them with vanilla ice-cream. It was DELICIOUS!=)

On Monday my lil sis went to dancing camp. It means: freedom till Friday evening!(my parents are in Finland:P)
So, on Monday i was just lazy. I made a rly good lunch, btw!It's a Spanish recipe. Well, later, abt 8:30 pm my friend Elise came over. We had a sleepover and planned to have a horror movie marathon. We wanted to watch 7 horror movies& comment them. Well, we kinda ended up watching one and an half movie. LOL We uploaded a video to youtube too(we filmed the whole night!). The creepiest thing wasnt the horror movie The Strangers, but the creepy uninvited visiters we had(watch the vid, then u know what im talking about:P lol).

It was a fun night. We had a lot of fun. Elise pretended a snoring at night and suddenly we talked about Robert Pattinson...

Elise: Would you like Rob if he snored?
Sandra: Of course! I like him whatever he does.
Elise: hahahaha:)
Sandra: his snoring is like a lullaby!=D
Elise: hilarious:D lol Sandra's lullaby! hahahahahhhhaaaa:D
Sandra: hahahahahhhhaaaa :D

we kept laughing sooo long :D

In the morning Taylor Swift woke me up with her "Breathe". I let my pets out and gave them some food. & back to the bed!=)

Elise left abt 1 pm. After that i was just on the net, i watched Make It Or Break It & read Seventeen magazine.
Later i chated with my parents on the skype and then i was on msn&myspace.
AGAINNN Demm made my day!&Coderz!=]
I read Miley's bulletins. Aww. She's so cute!

PS! I watched TCA 2009 today! It was AMAZING! I liked the most Miley's performence. Her new song Party In The USA is so awesome <3

Oh, and Disney Music Project has a new song called Send It On. It has a great message!! Miles, Demm, Sel and JB are singing it! The official video will come out on 14th Aug. Can't wait :D

PSS! I'm totally addicted to raspberry smoothies. I drink these all the time!=)=D

I got Twist magazine today.New posters. yay! and new gossip. One thing sucks..some news are old. Like Miley dating Nick. NAH! The broke up,again. And also the news abt Demi&Trace. There's nth between them,anymore. But i understand that the stories just got ready earlier and then uhh things changed. Life can change so quickly. LOL

'Kay. That's it i guess. All the updates. I'm going to read a book called "Minu Island"(My Iceland). Recently i read My Argentina which was rly cool. I also read My Paris!And My Spain. Awesome books!=D

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