Monday, August 31, 2009

the time of our lives <3

Whoop! Miley Cyrus's EP comes out today!It's called The Time Of Our Lives! Sadly it got leaked in youtube.. but the people who love her and her music and who want to support her will still buy her EP! If it comes out here im deffo gonna buy!
Well, yesterday i listened to her new EP songs whole day long! These are reallllllly amazing!<3333
I don't know how she can write such a great songs, but she just CAN! She's so amazing!=D
My favs are:

"When i look at you"
"Time of our lives"

<333 You gotta buy her EP and u wont regret!I promise!=] She's so much mature. Well her Breakout album showed that already! She's not "the" Hannah Montana. She's Miley Cyrus!

Anyway, now a little bit other talk.
1st- tomorrow is going to be my first day in university. Wish me luck! I hopeveerything goes great!=]
2nd- i talked to my best friends super cute cousin Raul yesterday abt 3 hours. He's so fun and cool!
3rd- Elise is going to DK in 2 days :( We are going out today. I'm gonna miss my chica! D=
4th- THE TIME OF OUR LIVES <333333333

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