Sunday, November 22, 2009

the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up!

Omg!It's Sunday already!Time flies sooo fast. Seriously! But i must admit college life is SO much fun!Love it<3
But i've got so much home assignments and projects:P Im trying to get them all done by the right time.
It's 5:40pm but sooo dark already! Im at home having a cup of peppermint tea, listening to my fav playlist and chatting on twitter.
Whoee:D On wednesday im going to movies with my friend. We are going to watch New Moon!Yayyyy:D Im so excited=] Oh, and on thrsday me and my college friends are going to karaoke bar. I really need to start practicing some songs. Lol!

Last night Anni and i had crazy fun time! We were supposed to sleep i guess but we couldnt. We dont share a room, but we hear each we always talk. And Anni is deeply in love with Justin Bieber. So, i told her to dream abt him. She said she didnt dream of things that never come true. But then i wanted to tell her a beautiful story..abt a girl names Anni and a famous singer names Justin. Listen ya'll!

Justin is a quest in George Lopez show.He's singing "My favorite girl" and he walks off the lil stage and goes to walk between his fans. He smiles to these shy but crazy girls. Then he sees Anni. He takes her hands to his hands and smiles just for her. Then he moves back to the stage. Then he says his songs line "You are my favorite girl" and he points at Anni and looks in her eyes. Anni smiles.
Song ends and George Lopez comes to the stage and has a lil chat with him. Then the show is over. Everybody is trying to find their way back.. So does Anni.She's one of the last ones there. Just when she's about to go out, someone touches her back. Anni turns around and sees it's Justin.
Justin is straight and says:"Hi!You look so cute. Do you want to go out?".
Anni: "Go out..With you?"
Justin:"Of course!"
Anni:"Umm, yes..Yes i want to go out with you".."When?"
Justin:"Right now"
Anni:"Right now??"
Justin:"Yeah. I must be back by 5pm coz i have to give some interviews..Are you free right now?"
Justin:"Okay..let's go...Wait, i need to change hat!"(Lol!)

So, they are going out. It's 2pm. A very nice weather. Justin asks Anni where she wants to go. She asks him to pick the place. Justin asks if McDonalds is okay.. He loves McChicken. Anni is happy he chose such a simple place. She has only dreamed of meeting Justin..but not going out with him. She is pretty nervous!
Well, they are heading to the date place. Justin orders McChicken and asks what Anni wants. She takes the same. Justin leads them to their table. They eat, chat and laugh. Anni's nervousness wades away. She feels like she's always known him. She feels soo good with him. And so does he! They talk about normal stuff..their annoying sibling, school, fav places in the world. They talk about their passions(singing for Justin and dancing for Anni).Justin tells Anni that he wants to sing for her. Anni loves that idea. But then justin notices it's 5pm. He has to leave.
Justin:"I promise i will sing you another time!!"(he smiles so cute!)
Anni:"There's gonna be another time?"
Justin:"Of course! You are really cool and sweet girl!I definitely wanna see you again"
Anni:"Thanks, you are really nice guy too!"
Justin:"Thanks. Can we exchange numbers?"
Anni:"Sure. Here's mine"(she gives him her number. and he gives his number to Anni)
Justin:"Can i take a photo of you with my cellphone?"

He takes a photo of her and stands up. He says he's so glad he asked Anni out. Anni says she's glad too. They go out together. Justin asks if he can walk Anni home. She says she doesn't leave there. She'll go to the mall and then home by bus. They say bye and Justin leaves.
Anni goes to the mall.She can't shop coz she's thinking of these few hours that were the BEST of her life.She cant believe she was out with Justin BIEBER! He was even more sweeter she imagined. But at the same time he was so simple. Not like a famous singer at all.

She goes home. It's night.Anni is on her bed, but can fall asleep. She is thinking back to her date with Justin when she suddenly hears his voice. She thinks she's gone nuts and hears his voice in her head. But then she realizes it comes from the outside. She goes near to her window and peeks out. She sees Justin there with his guitar singing a song Anni has never heard before. She grabs a jacket and runs out. They meet in the garden.
Anni:"What are you doing here?"
Justin"I promised i will sing you!"(he has the most cutes smile on his face!)
Anni:"I never thought this day will come so soon."
Justin:"I have been thinking about you ever since i left. I couldnt get you out of my head. And then i took a pen and paper and write this song. About you. Just for you. Did you hear it?"
Anni:"Yes. It's beautiful. You wrote it for me?"
Justin:"Not only FOR you. It's also ABOUT you! You are my special girl!!"
Anni:"Thank you. You are the most cutest guy i have ever known"
Justin:"And you are the cutest girl i have ever known"
When they were talking Justin went closer and closer..They were SO close when they told their last lines..Then he kissed her. And she kissed him back. It was a slow beautiful kiss. They smiled at each other. It's love from the first sight. It wouldnt mattered if he was a normal average teenager..or a singer. They just liked each other:) Happy end!=D

Haha! So i told Anni this story. With more remarks that i wrote here. She was quiet this whole time. And when i finished she said: Wow!I saw this whole story in my eyes when u were telling it. I almost believed it. It's so cool. I wish it was true.

I told her not to stop dreaming. Dreams dont have limit. You can dream of anything and as much as you want. Miracles DO happen! =]

haha :) We sure couldnt fall alseep after this story. So, we were talking and joking and laughing for so long. It was a very sweet night.
When i woke up this morning i saw Anni was so deeply in asleep. I was wondering if she saw Justin in her dreams.. Lol!

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  1. awww that´s so sweet and ur also a good storyteller i have to say :) and i can´t wait when is our next crazy talk :P i like them so much!!!