Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good girls go bad;D

Why do i always get obsessed with something? Simple question, but so hard to answer. Lol! I've been listening to song (ft.Leighton Meester) Good Girls Go Bad like millllion times. And i still haven't got enough of it. Why? Oh, maybe coz it's such a good song. I love Leighton's voice, btw!haha. Reminds me of Gossip Girl... Blair:D
Ok, changing the subject. The other day i made a video of me and my besty. Well, i actually cut it together from the videos we have sent to each other. I think it came out cute:) And i'm so happy she liked it. Oh, and we got to talk on skype. We hadn't chatted for a long time. So, it was nice!!!=]
Well, my fall break was awesome. The best part was going to Finland. I loved there. Sure i have been there like million times before, but this time i really liked it. More than ever. Dad's place was cute and all this shopping was fun. Everything!Family together. Only Merikan was missing..and the pets were at home. But it was so so much fun anyway!=D
It's long story what we did there and what we bought..and what funny things happened. And how we surprised dad! And what happened with my lil sis. And oh, there was Halloween. See, lots of things. Lonngg story. But sometimes some things don't need to be written down. It's in my memories!!:)

Last night i watched such a good movie. My Sister's Keeper. If you haven't seen it yet watch it. I promise you won't regret spending your time on it. It's impossible to describe how good this movie is. It's sad, but very realistic. They show life as it is. Sometimes hard, sometimes fun, sometimes sad, sometimes the best. Sometimes unfair.
It made me think of my best friend Clara. I'm glad to know she didn't have to suffer from her illness like that girl in the movie. But i can't imagine what it is knowing you might die. And then actually dying. What it feels like? Did she feel anything at all? Did it hurt? What was her last thought? I have millions of questions in my head, but these won't be answered. It's okay. I know she's in a better place now!

Okay, did i mention that i made dinner today?Haha! It took about 2 hours. Don't ask why. You know what i have been noticed? I'm good making food when i start..but in the end i mess up. What i mean is that i never understand when the food is ready?! For insatnce, how do i understand the potatoes are boiled enough and they are ready?! Of course i kinda know, but today it took like for sooo long them to get ready. But the fish was easier to make. And OH MY GOSH dinner was deliciousssss :D I'm pretty porud. Lol! Even mom told it was so delicious!

OK!I gotta revice for tomorrow's English test! I need a lot of luck! I mean it!=]

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