Tuesday, October 27, 2009

weird dayy.

Oh, i donno whats wrong with me. It the second time when im so moody over last two weeks. I hate that!
I guess sometimes we all have these days. Most of the time i have so great mood, im happy, everything is just soo good! So, i gotta accept this little change. Let's pray im back to normal tomorrow :)
It's fall break!I gotta take the best of it:D
Merikan left. She's going to Ireland for a year. But we'll see each other after christmas. She's coming home for a week.
Anywho, i got my scarf ready. And today i got my yearbook! Im pretty fine with everything there. No-one was telling anything bad about me:D haha

I got my creativity exam result back. I got it B . Im not really happy, but not really sad either. Im just okay with it. Like mom and Shawny said, its just the beginning. I've more and more exams coming.. i can prove myself then!

My mom's aunt called me a bit time ago. She was just asking how we are doing. And then she was asking how is my college.I told how much im loving it. And then BAM she was so negative about this whole thing. She said she wishes i didnt study education and she said that its very hard..I told that i very love it. I can't be more satisfied than i am. I dont regret my decision! She said that after i have had the practice at school she's sure im gonna change my speciality and im gonna study something else. NO! I will show her i'm not. I think I know what's BEST for me, not no-body else. She also added that my granny was so sad too that im studying such a hard thing.. coz students are nowadays so hard..But im not afraid. I've always wanted to become a teacher. All jobs are hard! I have nothing against challanges. I wanna prove them i can handle it. Now more than ever before i want to do this job even MOREEE!!! Ugh, i was just so pissed of. What was she thinking.Did she think im gonna change my speciality just coz she thinked it's not right for me?! It's my life and i know what i want to do it with it..
I promise i will prove myself and even if the job is hard i will NEVER complain...they can NEVER tell me: i told you so!

Ugh. I got it off my chest now. Lol.

I cant wait till friday. I really want to get out of Estonia and go to somewhere else. I need a change!

Oh!AND a good news. Shawny is going to London:) And Sharon and I are going there too. We first planned to go in August but now as Shawny goes in June we are going in June too so we can all meet each other :) So cool :) I cant wait!!!!

Ok, im going to watch OTH and have a cup of tea and cookies<3

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