Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stormy dayy!

I have day off today. Nice. I'm gonna be at home all day coz its totally rainy and stormy out. I dont mind though.
Im creating some playlists right now. I miss Hilary Duff. So im listening to her music again. haha
The 4th episode of the 3rd season of Gossip Girl is the BEST!If you havent seen it then you are missing out a lot! Hilary Duff came to the screen:D yay!She's so awesome there! GG made me realize how much i missed her. She was my totally fav singer and actress abt year ago. Now im more into Miley&Demi's music. But Hil has always a place in my heart :)

Anywho. I havent been really productive today. Havent done anything.. oh no!I did ont thing. I watched two episodes of The Beautiful Life. Damn!Its a good show:) Im gonna keep watching it ;)
Yesterday i made a list of things i gotta get done. I still have some to scrach out.... the hardest thing that takes me forever to get done is cleanring my room. Not that my room is so messy, but im just lazt to clean..But i still gotta.
My fav spanish soap opera called En Nombre Del Amor starts in 38 minutes. So, i try to clean my room quickly and get ready by the right time.
ps!im writing a blog coz it was one thing in my list that needed to get done. hahaha! I like to update. Im too lazy to write to my diary regulary. So i do that here. Typing is way easier than holding a pencil. Lol!

Btw, im totally figuring out how could i get some pieces from Miley's clothing line. There are soooo many things i wanna buy. But stupid Walmart doesnt let to order from outside USA :S :(
Oh, and the other thing i sooo wanna get is Miley&Mandy's bracelet. I want the black&white one. It's so cool! At leats they have world wide shipping :):) yayyy!!! Im gonna order soon.
Ok. Enough. I have 34 min left...

Wake up - Hilary D. <3

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