Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today was CRAZYYY! Well, inanimate nature environment class was ok. Too long, though! I got the test C ! horrible!Lol! It happens. BUT what was rly crazy was aerobic class. Last time the class was rly weird. Too easy and weird exercises and dances. But seems that this time teacher wanted to make back the last lesson's easiness. I have NEVER done sooooo much exercises..i mean so HARD!My shirt was totalllly wet and my face was as red as tomato. But i reallly enjoyed the class. We danced and did different exercises!Great feeling:)
In the tram i felt a bit sick. I was too hot and too hungry. Coz 2 hours before the aerobics we cant eat.. and last time i ate was 9am. But aerobic class ended 5pm and i was so tired and hungry. But i needed to catch a tram and then catch a train back to home. I didnt have time to go to eat somewhere..and i knew at home dinner is waiting for me:) But in the tram i felt so sick. Thank God i didnt have long way to ride with it. Outside was a bit rainy so it was good!I was so hot.. i needed something that could freeze me down.haha. Anywho, then i bought an ice-cream and went to the train. I read the whole way..BUT two girls next to me were a bit annoying. They were talking the WHOLE way (50 min) abt one guy who was doing naughty thing in a tram. If he was so nasty and naughty why they kept talking abt him.. weirdo! At that moment i wished i was listening to my iPod coz i rlyyy didnt want to hear that story!But i was reading and i was too lazy to take my iPod out of my handbag.Lol! Lazy me!

At home i of course ate:) It was the first thing:) haha!I'm going to take a shower soon and hopefully talk to Haley later. And then im off to bed, i wanna read a bit and then just sleep. Aerobics was so exhausting, yet so cool! haha:)

See ya later alligator!

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