Wednesday, October 14, 2009

doo da doo it's all good =)

Hello Wednesday-ers :D haha
I LOVE Wednesdays coz i have day off!yay!
It's crazy story outside! Thank God i dont have to go out!
Well, the day b4 yesterday i finally got to talk to Haley. She got skype:) How awesome is that, huh?!haha. So we talked abt 2 hrs. And i saw her lil baby Adleigh!She's ADORABLE!!!!!:):)
Yesteday i had only english class and aerobics. After that Gerli and i went to Micky 'd. I knowww after aerobics we shouldnt eat junk food, but we couldnt hold back!We were tooo hungry. On friday we deffo wanna buy McFlurry with Daim pieces and take it to the creativity lecture. Yumyum! :)
I arrived Kohila abt 5pm, went to the new cafe opening(but there wasnt any cafe actually..weirdd!). At least i got a free tea cup. haha:D Then at home i watched Home&Away and had delicious dinner! Oh, and last night i talked to Elise again!Damn!She's driving me nuts. Whenever we talk on msn we are just tooooo crazy!It's so funny. And i gotta admit i have pretty good fantasy.

"Daddy is best sick & Elise likes apple juice" -->this could sum up our yesterdays convo. Well, these are more like tags. Coz we talked prettty long and i was laughing so much that my stomach hurt. This girl is cracking me up!hahaha:D

Anyway,today i havent done much at all. Typical wednesday.I always plan to do SO much on my day off.But i end up just being on the net. I watched OTH today! And i wanted to watch TBL too, but the new episode wasnt up yet.. i'll watch it later..
Oh yeah, i had this weird writing mood today.. so i write a song..actually two.. maybe im even gonna post them here, but later!
DANG!Home&Away started. I gotta run!:)

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