Saturday, November 28, 2009


Christmas are SO close! I become happier every single day!I love this holiday! Brings me happiness and warm feeling:)
Me and my friends are going to celebarte x-mas at my place. We took a lot who's going to make a present to who..I got Liisa.I already have some gift ideas in my head.
My older sis just called. She's in Ireland. I can't wait for her to come home! So so cool!!!:D

OMG!On wednesday i went movies to watch New Moon!It was eh-amazing. Spellbinding! Absorbing! Enthralling! haha:D JUST SO AWESOME! But it was somehow so short. It started and then BAM it already ended. Everything happened so quickly. Book was way longer. And book was way more serious. But it seems they wanted to make a movie a bit more funny. Jacob was pretty funny character. Most of his lines were somehow jokey and so on.. Everybody in the movies were laughing all the time. I think i'll always love Twilight the most. But im not saying New Moon wasn't good coz it WAS!I absolutely LOVE it:D and i cant wait to see it again. Many many times!!!!!:):D

Okay. I wish i had more time to write her, but im SO busy with all my college work. Holiday is coming soon and so we have LOTS of projects to do before it:P

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