Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sinterklaas :)

Only 2 weeks more and then is holiday!Lovely!Lol!
I've been sooo busy. It's Saturday today tho. I wrote an essay and did some other home assignments.
And oh i have been thinking a lot abt presents. It's so hard to find right gifts for x-mas. My head is empty. So little ideas.
But today i came to an idea wt to give my parents for x-mas. I know mom always wants something that comes from heart and she doesnt want us to spend our money. So, i decided to draw a picture for mom&dad! I wanna buy a big picture frame so i can frame it. Hope they'll like that gift.

Here's the pic i drew:

I guess i will shop for other x-mas presents on friday coz after English class i have more that 3 hrs till my train leaves. So, i can shop:)

Well, i keep doing some university stuff and coz im so creative today, im gonna make one thing to my friend:P


PS!I'm so excited for x-mas. Elise comes back!I havent seen her for soooo long. Cant wait to go movies and ice-skiing with her:) It's gonna be a very fun day!:D
And Merikan comes home!yay!=D

Actually last week in uni (11-18) is SO fun already! My class is gonna celebrate x-mas together. And me and my friends are gonna celebrate x-mas together later too.. at my place:)
I love x-mas feeling! Btw, don't u think that the chocolate in chocolate calendar tastes like x-mas :D hahaha!!

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