Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow! I know that this obsession of vampires is so not in anymore, but yesterday i watched Moonlight(which is again about vampires) and i fell in love with that show!!!I watched 3 episodes. I'll watch more today=] If you haven't seen it, watch at least one episode, then you understand what i am talking about..Lol!

I burnt a dvd for my sis last night..It took soo long and so i couldn't turn my laptop off..But i dont know was it becoz of the light that came from the screen or something else, but i absolutely couldnt fall asleep.. 2:30am i heard the dvd came out and so i turned the laptop off. And then my dog came to my bed and not long after that i was sleeping like a baby already. But still, being wide awake and just laying on the bed about 2 hours isn't fun. and BTW! My sister's phone rang in the middle of the night and dad heard it and as my sister didnt answer(when she sleeps she heard nothing), my dad went to her room to urn it off, coz as i heard today morning that it annoyed him and he couldnt sleep. BUT he was staying in her room for so long..It annoyed me.Coz i thought he's coming to my room too. To check or god knows what. So, i had one eye open and i was waiting him to go back to bed. Today i asked him, why the hell he was so long at her room.. he said he was waiting the phone ring again:S He couldnt understand where the ringing came from. Lol!
Anywho, i had an alarm for 9:30am coz i wanted to watch mexican soap. And also coz i thought i better sleep little tonight and so maybe im more sleepy next night. I must confess, im sleepy already although it's just 1:30pm :P

I have a mood to write here my fav quote:

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

ps! I so love The City. I think Roxy is so cool. Love her wildness. And both, Roxy and Whitney have really great style!!

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