Monday, December 28, 2009

merry little christmas :)

Wow! It's really holiday season already! Christmas is actually over. It's 28th today. O'boy i enjoyed Christmas so much! I had so much fun! Omg!I just remembered that i even filmed while we get presents. Everybody had to read a poem or dance or do whatever to get the present:)
I got everything i wanted. Actually, i had no wishes. But i love all i got<3
I think i won't tell all the things i got, but one thing was a book called "Minu Austraalia"(My Australia). It's from my fav book series "Minu ...". So, this time i travelled to Australia.LOL. I really love reading these traveller books. Every book is written by a Estonian who's lived or still lives in that country she's writing about. And these stories aren't just a description or so.. but these are funny and so cool! All countries are less or more different..culutures, tradtitions, food, people and so on.. Very interesting!
Well, today morning i finished reading this book.
And today i registered to the driving school final exam.. driving on a icy road. I have to listen a theory on the net and take some tests too. Passed two already today. I will continue tomorrow.
I wanted to go to skiing today, but the snow was a bit wet and it wasn't a good weather for skiing. But the snow is great. So white and beautiful. We have it so much! I love it<3

I got a Christmas card from Marine today. That was a nice surprise:) Made my day=]

Can't believe few more days and then its 2010 :P I'm waiting it just coz i want to read my last year wishes. When new year starts i write down all my wishes for the upcoming year..and When the old year ends and new starts i can read what i wrote a year ago..and i can see how much of the wishes came true. I can't remember what i wrote last January. So, i'm excited to see them!
And of course i want to write down new wishes already :)

Ok, im going to watch tv now!

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