Thursday, December 10, 2009

Countdown.. 14 days till X-mas Eve!

Hey hey! Listening to No Air, eating mandarins and thinking.. Mmmm. I just can't wait till Christmas. Actually, i just love whole December. I like that i have something to wait for. But i never like if Christmas are over because then i have to wait so long again. But next thing im waiting for im my birthday:)
Anywho, i really hope snow will come down by Christmas! X-mas wont be the same without snow!

Well, i will inform about wt i have been up to lately. Me and my friends have to make a play for drama class. And whoaa, i think we are gonna rock on the stage! haha:D We have fun and cute play! Everybody has a great role. We have super ides about the decorations and costumes!! Tomorrow after my English class we are gonna meet up and start practicing and just arramging other stuff we need to get done.. And on Tuesday is THE DAY :D I really should start learning my text. I have so many lines to remember. I dont wanna mess up anything! I want it to be just PERFECT! <3

Yesterday there was a x-mas fair in university. Lots of students were selling handmade stuff(jewelleries, soaps, mugs, plates, scarfs, hats, pies, cookies, candies and soo sooo sooo much more). Well, i was looking around with my friends. One of my friends really liked a pair of earrings but she couldnt decided weather to buy them or not. But when they left that table, my other friend told that i could buy them to my friend coz i was supposed to make her a x-mas gift anyway..and i was so in trouble finding her a gift. And now as i know it's something she wanted it was a great opportunity for me to buy these. And that's exactly what i did! So, she'll be surprised when she gets them. Later she went to that desk again to look at the earrings and she was obviously disappointed that these were sold to someone else already. But little she knows that i was the buyer. And she will be the owner soon! haha:D

I'm sure our x-mas celebration at my place is going to be super sweet! We are going to food shop and then come to my place and make a x-mas dinner together:)
And im planning to make a muffins. I wanna buy lots of chocolate so i can make muffins filled with chocolate. White and brown! YumYum :D

Well, right now in my mind are two things. English test and English oral test abt the book i read. It's not a test actually. I just have to talk abt the book i read, i have to read some parts out loud to the teacher..and then i have to translate. It's all on Monday. But tomorrow i'll have English test.. new words and grammar. So far i have two tests which i have got B and B+. I so want A this time. Wish me luck! :)

Anyway, I guess im going to watch Home&Away now. And have a dinner.


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