Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot hot green tea with lemon! [9 days!]

Hou hou houu:D Santa Claus here!LOL!
Well, actually it's still me. I've such a great mood. I had so awesome day with my friends today! I just adoreeee them :)

First at all, yesterday we had out drama class' play practice. It was fine, but seriously we had so much to do. I got home 10:30pm and had to start looking for costumes and decorations we needed for our play. We were on msn chatting and packing bags. I was like a camel today. SOOO many bags.Lol! Anywho, my friend Gerli was very ill in practice already, but yesterday night on msn she told that she cant come with us to celebarte x-mas on wednesday. So, i quickly contacted to our other friends and i told then another idea. And they all liked it. We cancelled out wednesday's x-mas celebrationg at my place coz it wouldnt have been the same without Gerli. We still wanted to celebrate x-mas TOGETHER =D But as Gerli was supposed to come to drama class anyway coz we had to do a play then i thought it would be cool to go out after that..just to sit somewhere, talk, share gifts and just celebrate x-mas. And so we did today. Our drama play was eh-amazing:D We did GREAT job!!!!! And sure we had dress-reharsal too. In universit corridor. It was hilarious. And omg you should have seen our costumes. Im deffogonna put somne pix up on my blog too when i get the pix!:D

Our play was inspired from Finland's famous children cartoon and magazine called Muumin.. In Estonian Muumioru Lood. And our play was entitled: Muumioru Lood: Mäetroll. And i found this cute pic where are all the main characters from the cartoon and magazine:

It seemed that teacher liked our play too. But we dont know the grade yet:P
So, after the play (and we watched other's play too!) we went to Chopstick. It's a rly cool Chinese Restaurant. We ate and talked and exchanged the gifts. I got super cute socks from Marina..and a melon soap which smells SOOO delicious. My first x-mas gift this year!So sweeeet:D:D I'm rly happy!!=D
Oh, and my friend Liisa who i made a gift to, LOVED the earrings. Haha! She was literally screaming when she saw them. We all were like: tshhhh!!! It was funny. She kept thanking me for this surprise. Im very happy she liked the earrings.. well, i knew she liked them coz i bought them after she said she liked them, but she had NO idea i bought them. So, it was a surprise for her!:D

Well, after the Chopstick we went to ice-skating. Gerli went home coz she was still ill. But im VERY glad she changed the plans and celebrated x-mas today instead of tomorrow. We were all together and fun!!!:D Anyway, as i said we went to ice-skate. It was hilarious. So funny and cute! I hadnt ice-skated since...since..since the summer when Sharon was here..it was the summer 2008 :P One and an half year ago. Wow! Long time. But actually i had never ice-skated outside..always in this big ice-skating hall. But today we went to ice-skate outside.There was x-mas music and it was so nice. And so cold. Freezing. -16C degrees. But guess what? I still loved it. And guess again? I didnt fall at ALL! Gooo me! :D
Sure after ice-skating my right leg's toes were numb and soo cold. I couldnt walk. I thought im dying. LOL! It was dead hurting. But i went to the cafe and it was so warm there and soon my toes melted and didnt hurt that much. OH, i gotta thank this guy or a woman who came up to the idea to make uggs. These are THE BEST winter wearings ever<3 SO WARM! I SO want to get black uggs, but i dont think we have any here. I have looked sooo long for there, but havent found :( Sad! But im glad i have the ones i have right now. Donno how i wouldnt survive without them this winter!!!

Well, as it sounds(hopefully) i had loads of fun! I know when i write it it doesnt sounds even half as fun as it really was. I had a blass time:)

But now i have holiday. Winter holiday! Love it<3

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