Monday, January 4, 2010

a real winter!

We have so much snow here!It's crazy! But fun! I went outside to play in the snow with my dog. Gosh it was fun:D I filmed, too, how i was making the snow angel and having a snow-fight with my dog Bonnie. That's what i call a real winter day outside! Sure, i was so snowy and wet later, but that's okay.
Anywho, Elise is back in Denmark. We talked on the skype yesterday. It was fun. Well, i must admit i was too mean..but actually i was joking and i KNOW she knows that!! haha.

I also talked to Elisa yesterday:) We talked abt tortillas. Lol. It's a typical food in Mexico. So, i bought tortillas, too. And i made a wrap with it today. It was SO yummii!!
I went to Tallinn with my mom&dad yesterday and i bought a new shirt which i reallllllly love<3

Sharon and i are gonna book the London flight tickets and also hostel as soon as i hear Merikan and Janar's wedding date. I don't wanna miss their wedding!

I have been studying for psychology exam a lot. It's driving me crazy. All i want is to pass the exam and get a good result. It's very interesting but aslo so hard. I can't remember soooo many stuff:S ugh!
Well, wish me luck!;)
Im going to watch Moonlight now. I just LOVE this series<333

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