Saturday, January 9, 2010


UGH! I haven't felt so bad for such a long time. It's funny. Yesterday i was thinking of how happy i am. Everything was so perfect in my life. You know..every little thing. And little things make me happy. But now..ohh..its so complicated. All i can say is that everything that's going on is distracting my studies..and that's not good. But at least i think i know who i could blame then.. or actually, i dont know:S And that's the problem! ughhh :S
If i could do ANYTHING right now then i would just want to get away.. go somewhere i donno i could rest without any problems..and just be. No worries, no distractions. Easy to ask, hard to get. That's life. Complicated. And unfair.
I've headache. I better go to bed..maybe i'll read. I have exam on monday so i have bunch of things to do tomorrow! I need a very goood dream.. im sick of nightmares:S night!!!

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