Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost over..

It's 30th January today, which means that my break is all most over. I'll be back in uni on 1st Feb. I'm kinda waiting it! I have had time to rest more than needed. So, i think im ready to go back!Lol!
I was just reading my older blogposts. So funny!haha:) I read my brownie making post. Gosh!I miss brownies. I think i'll make them soon again..or if not brownies then something else. I like to try new things. Mom is right now cooking a rly delicious pie..or cake..donno how to call it. It's in oven and i can smell it!Yummiie:)
I went to library today and to the post office. Valentines Day is so near so i sent a V-day gift to Elisa coz package goes to Mexico about 2 weeks. Next week i'll visit post office again. Im their fav client.Lol! Anywho, i'll have a driving exam driving on an icy road.. I really can't wait till its over. Thie driving teacher has canceled it two times already. But i rly hope tomorrow nothing comes between and we can get over with it!
It's Saturday and for some reason i wish it wasn't weekend. When i have a break weekends are the most boring coz there's nothing on tv. And i have nothing to do.Lol. I know when uni starts again then weekends wil be my fav and im pretty sure i won't feel boredom.
I bought two notebooks today-one for math class and other for estonian class. I can't wait to have the math class already. im anxious to see how my math teacher looks like..and if he's nice or not. I saw a nightmare that my math teacher HATED me :( And you can imagine how i failed all the tests...just coz he hated me. But i hope that dream won't come true!!!! But i have heard that uni math class in first year is the hardest. Even though in high school i was pretty good at math, i doubt i'll be the same good in uni math class:S
Well, im actually looking around the net to find some good recipes. I love wraps. So, im trying to find some good wrap recipes...and other yummie food recipes. :)

Don't these wraps look delicious!!!?

Oh, btw, i found rly good frozen yogurt recipe. I have NEVER had frozen yogurt before. So, im pretty excited to make a frozen yogurt and try it. Coz i have seen so many famous stars like it..for example, Miley Cyrus. Lol!

Elise, if you're reading this blog then if you come back in March we should make a frozen yogurt together..and bake something(a cake)..and have a nice chat-chat evening:) What do you thnk??

Ok, im talking to much about food. Im hungry. It's 3pm. Im gonna have a lunch now.


  1. :) it´s really good idea !!! can´t wait :D XOXO

  2. yummy! that really does look good about now. :)