Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day today! I am not a mother yet, but i have a very wonderful and special mom! In the morning my older sis came here and we finished decorating the cake, then i woke up my younger sis and we took gifts and went to mom's room to wake her up! Like always, she was faking to be asleep. Haha :) We gave all the gifts, hugs and she ate a piece of the cake in her bed. Then we all had a breakfast together. Such a sweet morning :) I love Mother's Days. I can't wait till one day i can be a mother and my child is waking me up and wishing me happy mother's day! Would be wonderful!

This painting always reminds me of the story of how i got my name. Mom said that when she was pregnant she and dad were walking at the beach. There was this little girl who was running toward the sea.. her dad was running after her and crying: "Sandra, come back..Don't go." And when my mom heard that name and saw this situation she thought that she wants to name her daughter Sandra :) And here i am!

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